This Week at St. John’s | September 6, 2015

This Week SJB 9-6-2015Thanks to Emily and Bob Hoefs, our COFFEE HOUR hosts today. If you wish to participate in this ministry, please use the sign-up sheet in the Narthex.

RED ALERT! – SERVICE TIME CHANGE – After years of beginning our principal service on Sunday mornings at 10:15, we will be switching back to the time it was previously begun, namely 10:00 am. starting next Sunday, September 13.

OPENING DAY FOR OES:  Wednesday, September 9, is opening day for the school year for OES. Due to the difficulty of finding parking, we recommend not coming to the campus unless it is absolutely necessary, especially before 10:00am and from 2:00-3:30PM. The two meetings  in the later afternoon should be OK.

SCRIP!  CARDS:  With the school year starting again, we can return to our  regular schedule with our distributor. That means……completed order forms (yellow paper in the Narthex) and check (or cash) need to be in the church office by 10:00am, the second Tuesday of the month. The order for cards goes in at Noon  that Tuesday.  The Thursday following that  Tuesday, the cards arrive at the church  and  are sorted and ready for your pick-up (in the church office or at the Sunday services).  Remember, when you use SCRIP! cards, St Johns gets money, and you still get the full value of the cards. I use  them for groceries, pet supplies, restaurants, Starbucks, and book stores. It’s a very good deal.

PURPLE HATS:   THREE WEEKS from now, on Sunday, September 27, we will gather all the little purple hats and present them at the altar for a special blessing.  So far, we have collected 125 hats but, if it is like other years, many have not been turned in yet.  If you have some of those at your house, please bring them in so we can have a closer count.  We don’t have an official goal, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could present 200 hats? Also – PLEASE SIGN YOUR NAME TO THE PARISH SUPPORT POSTER IN THE NARTHEX!  Thank you!

FURNITURE PIECE NEEDED – The Early Christian class (6-8th grades) wants to create a worship space in their classroom. A sofa table, to serve as an altar, would fit nicely. Our Altar Guild is providing altar linens and candles. If you have a table to donate, please contact Mtr.

CHURCH SCHOOL REGISTRATION kicks off next Sunday, Sept. 13. Parents, teachers and children will be invited to come forward for a blessing at the conclusion of announcements that morning. Teachers will lead the children to their classrooms after the blessing for the first day of Church School

GREAT COURSES STUDY:  The Great Courses study group will begin meeting this fall starting Monday,  September 14th.  Meetings are held weekly on Monday, at 12:15pm. All are welcome.

THE RECTOR is out of the office until Wednesday, September 16.

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