October 2015 Sunday Forums

October 2015 Sunday ForumsThis fall we have begun a four-part series, exploring the four marks of a vital congregation, as developed through many diocesan events and workshops. The four marks are: Formation in Christ, Mission in the World, Joyful Leadership, and Sacramental Hospitality. We began on Sept. 27 by looking at Formation in Christ. This month we continue with:

October 11 – (11:30-12:15) – Mission in the World:

A vital congregation is known beyond its own membership as having a particular mission or gift.

  • Church members collaborate with people within the congregation and the wider community
  • through service, crossing traditional boundaries of age, class, race, and language.
  • The congregation makes building and grounds available to wider community uses.
  • The congregation intentionally embraces its strengths, engaging strengths and resources in
  • service to Christ, rather than hiding them under a bushel or safeguarding them for
  • congregation members alone.

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A Vital Church Nurtures Formation in Christ

4 Marks of Vitality - Formation in Christ

In February 2015 the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon put forth a definition of  what creates a church vitality.  The four marks of a vital church include:

  • Joyful Leadership
  • Sacramental Hospitality
  • Mission in the World
  • Formation in Christ

In a Sunday Adult Forum, our parishioners took the opportunity to explore “Formation in Christ” and to discuss what it meant for our parish.

A vital congregation creates community that leads its members to grow spiritually by becoming more Christ-like.

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